Mon Jul 4 2016

A Living Sacrifice - a new full-length release by Phantom Degenerated Inc.

 Tue Apr 5 2016

New paper published.

 Wed Dec 30 2015

The Red Squadrons (lyrics by Hristo Smirnenski) - a new full-length release.

Mon Dec 21 2015

Death's Embrace - Chaos Rituals  - a new mini album featuring the voice of K.

Sun Dec 13 2015

Thought I: Visions (lyrics by Peyo Yavorov) - a new mini album.

Thu Jan 22 2015

Joined the OSDM ensamble Zombie Riot.

Wed Dec 17 2014

September (lyrics by Geo Milev) - a new full-length release.

Tue Jul 15 2014

New paper published. 

Sun Apr 6 2014

On The Ledge Of The Night - first public EP release from Dushevno Bolen.